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Color Masterbatch

DB Chem Co., Ltd. & Dongbang Chemical’s Color Masterbatch is elaborately formulated to endow your plastics or fibers with very stable and brilliant colors evenly dispersed into your polymer matrix. Those excellent colors shown on your final applications can surely endure high temperature, severe chemicals and harsh environmental effects without deteriorating your end plastics’ mechanical & aesthetical property.

With specially developed organic and inorganic pigments’ formulations, those Color Masterbatch can not only achieve perfect harmony with your varied types of resins but protect your final plastics’ clear colors from the negative effects of moisture, dissolving agents or high heat incurred in your varied processes stages.
Based on the wise “Economies of Scale” regarding our Masterbatch productions since 1972, We are purchasing the excellent raw materials in massive volume directly from the most reliable raw material makers in order to either reduce our customers’ Masterbatch purchasing costs or enhance the Masterbatch’s quality.